Progress on Children’s Well-being: Centring child rights in the 2030 Agenda

At the halfway mark towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, two-thirds of child-related indicators are off-pace to meet their targets, according to a new UNICEF report. The data show that by 2030, only one in four children will live in countries where 70 per cent of the child-related SDG targets will have been met.

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Countdown to 2030: Country profiles on early childhood development

UNICEF, in collaboration with Countdown to 2030, developed the Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development to track children’s progress in 197 countries. Initiated in 2018, they provide health and education insights vital for policy development and international analysis. These profiles are designed to foster advocacy and enhance policy-making for early childhood development, improving data measurement and comparability across nations in crucial areas of early growth.

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UNICEF’s Frontier Data Network: Harnessing the Power of Data for Children

We stand at the cusp of a data revolution that holds untold potential for social and humanitarian impact. Frontier data technologies are reshaping our world and the way we make decisions. By harnessing these technologies, we can create a better future for children everywhere. UNICEF’s Frontier Data Network is a strategic initiative designed to promote innovation and capacity building in data science, helping us make data-driven decisions that truly benefit children.

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We believe that consistent, credible data about children’s situations are critical to the improvement of their lives – and indispensable to realizing the rights of every child.

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