How are adolescents faring in the world today?

  • How safe are adolescents at home, in school and in their communities?
  • How many adolescents go to school and how many work?
  • How many girls marry or become parents during their adolescence?
  • What are the biggest threats to their well-being?

What does the Adolescent Data Portal feature?

Global, regional and country-level data on key indicators together with information on the socio-economic contexts in which adolescents live are found here. The portal includes globally comparable indicators, closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Adolescent Data Portal features a focused selection of key indicators on Health and Nutrition, Education and Learning, Protection, and Transition to Work. Additional data on adolescents can be found throughout within the topical pages. 

The data presented in this portal have been compiled by UNICEF from a variety of sources, including household surveys and administrative data, with inputs from partner agencies on the indicators that fall within their respective mandates.