Progress on Children's Well-being: Country Briefs

December 7, 2023

At the midpoint of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development how are children in countries around the world faring? Do we have enough information to know?

These country briefs leverage UNICEF’s extensive analysis of 48 child-related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators, structured around five fundamental domains of child well-being: Survive and Thrive, Learning, Protection from Harm, Safe and Clean Environment, and Life Free from Poverty. The analysis offers a detailed, multifaceted perspective on the state of children’s rights and experiences across the globe.

A benchmarking exercise compares countries against global standards, income groupings, and geographical areas, offering a systematic framework to monitor and compare progress across various child-related SDG indicators. Current country performance is assessed and the necessary rate of to achieve 2030 targets is calculated. This approach provides valuable information to inform country and regional priorities and facilitates adjustments to national strategies by identifying gaps and successful interventions that can be scaled.

The resulting tool helps countries to establish clear, measurable targets for 2030 and beyond to drive progress and maintain a focus on child rights and results for children. The analysis can be used to provide clarity on the systemic change that is necessary to achieve results. Moreover, it promotes accountability by establishing quantifiable metrics to evaluate progress in fulfilling commitments.

Country Profiles