Collecting Data on Early Childhood Development in Household Surveys

February 5, 2024
Students of the H’Ra preschool, Phu Yen village, H’ra commune, Mang Yang district, Gia Lai province on 9 January 2024.

Optimal brain development requires a stimulating environment, adequate nutrients and nurturing engagement with attentive caregivers. This combination of nature and nurture establishes the foundation of children’s futures. Despite its importance, many countries still lack data on both the status and determinants of early childhood development (ECD) that are needed to measure progress and to understand how young children are faring.

This publication is meant to guide the collection of reliable, internationally comparable data on key ECD indicators that can be produced through household surveys. Detailed information on the selected indicators is provided along with guidance for the collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting on these indicators at national and global levels.

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