A statistical snapshot of the state of adolescent girls in Latin America and the Caribbean

August 9, 2023

Latin America and the Caribbean are home to over 51 million adolescent girls aged 10-19. This brochure highlights the various challenges faced by these girls in the region. These challenges jeopardize their rights to quality health and nutrition, access to education and skill-building opportunities, economic security, and freedom from violence, exploitation, and harmful practices. These challenges are even more pronounced for adolescent girls who are on the move. In fact, there are over 900,000 international migrant and refugee adolescent girls aged 10-19 in the region, living away from their country of birth or citizenship. This brochure mobilizes the latest data available for Latin America and the Caribbean, and provides a solid evidence base to advocate for and invest in adolescent girls, in all their diversity, in order to realize their full potential.


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