Estimates of Vitamin A Supplementation Coverage in Preschool-age Children

Methods and processes for the UNICEF global database

March 19, 2020

The regular collection, analysis and dissemination of vitamin A supplementation (VAS) coverage data are a key component of efforts to achieve universal VAS coverage. Country teams have long been contributing administrative data for our global reporting efforts on VAS coverage for children 6-59 months of age.  Estimating coverage for this key child survival intervention is different from the other UNICEF nutrition databases which mainly rely on household survey data. This report describes the process, rules and assumptions applied to the administrative data received each year from country teams for generating the UNICEF Global VAS Coverage Database. The report includes a flow chart which provides a quick snapshot of the overall review process as well as a detailed account of review questions, different scenarios encountered and how each is addressed.

The VAS coverage estimates are published in The State of the World’s Children report and released annually on the Vitamin A page of the website. These data enable tracking of country-level progress towards universal coverage which facilitates programme monitoring and planning through identifying countries with low coverage and identifying where focused attention and investment from UNICEF and partners may be required. We hope that the report will provide increased clarity on the generation of the VAS coverage country estimates.


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