Migration and Displacement Country Profiles (MDCP)

July 24, 2021

The Migration and Displacement Country Profiles (MDCPs) gather the latest and most essential data relevant to “children on the move” in one place for easy reference. The profiles present data on international migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons including information on age, education and major migration routes. In addition, the profiles offer relevant national level data on areas such as demographics, education, labour and economics to provide background information on the situation of children. The profiles allow experts, practitioners and policymakers to get a comprehensive overview of the current situation, trends and projections across all countries.

Users interested in specific programmes or initiatives (Prospects, Blueprint, and No Lost Generation) can use the tabs to access the profiles of countries that are part of these groups. A brief description of the programme or initiative appears above the profiles. Data coverage may vary from country to country and that the profiles will be updated as new data become available.

Note: The profiles below may take up to 10 seconds to load.