Reconsidering, refining, and extending the World Health Organization infant and young child feeding indicators

Meeting Report

November 28, 2017


The report summarizes the proceedings of a technical consultation convened by UNICEF, FANTA, USAID, and WHO in June 2017 with the aim of understanding issues related to the use and operationalization of the infant and young child feeing (IYCF) indicators released in 2008. The report highlights discussions related to the modification of IYCF indicators for minimum diet diversity (MDD), minimum meal frequency (MMF), and minimum acceptable diet (MAD). It also highlights issues presented around collecting and operationalizing these indicators in the field through DHS, MICS and other surveys. Lastly, the report presents the discussions on additional issues and way forward for feeding and nutrition indicators in three main age groups: 0-5 months, 24-59 months, and school-age children.