Measuring and monitoring child health and well-being

Recommendations for tracking progress with a core set of indicators in the Sustainable Development Goals era

April 18, 2022

Although children have a better chance of survival now than they did two decades ago, progress has been inconsistent around the world. Demographic and epidemiological transitions around the world have resulted in shifts in the causes and distribution of child death and diseases. These changes, plus global threats such as pandemics, security issues, and climate change, mean that regular monitoring of child health and wellbeing is essential for holding governments and partners to account for meeting the needs of children and making progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This article describes the three-phased process undertaken by the Child Health Accountability Tracking technical advisory group (CHAT) to develop a core set of indicators on child health and wellbeing for global monitoring purposes, and presents CHAT’s research recommendations to address data gaps.



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