Child Marriage Monitoring Mechanism (CMMM)

Ending Child Marriage. Charting Brighter Futures

The Child Marriage Monitoring Mechanism relies on the power of data to accelerate progress in ending child marriage by 2030, as called for by the Sustainable Development Goals.

The CMMM is a multi-stakeholder initiative which strives to promote data use in the effort to eliminate child marriage. It seeks to put forth evidence to hold stakeholders accountable and to support national and global convenings to renew commitments. The Monitoring Mechanism will provide easy access to relevant statistical information across several indicators related to child marriage and contribute towards meeting the demand for informed policy and programmatic action.

Child marriage and the related challenges facing adolescent girls have gained increased attention in global and national frameworks, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the resultant action and resources remain inadequate.  By putting the right data in the right hands, the CMMM will help guide investiments and foster accountability.