Assessing Administrative Data Systems on Justice for Children

A tool for country-level self-evaluation

April 26, 2021

High-quality and reliable information is necessary for all reporting and decision-making on issues involving children in contact with the justice system.

This tool can be used to assess the capacity of statistical systems to collect, collate, analyse and disseminate administrative data on justice for children at subnational and national levels, including relevant ministries and agencies. It consists of two self-assessment questionnaires. The first, the Sectoral Questionnaire, is to be filled out by stakeholder institutions in the justice sector, including the police, prosecution services, courts, social welfare and corrections institutions. These respondents are then asked to come together to discuss and jointly fill out a second questionnaire, the Questionnaire for the Central Reporting Facility and All Stakeholders, which looks at the system from a broader perspective, at the national level.


Part 1: Instructions


Part 2: Sectoral questionnaire


Part 3: Questionnaire for Central Facility and All Stakeholders