Progress for Every Child Country Profiles

Mar 6, 2018

Each country profile provides a stocktaking of the country’s performance against the 44 child-related SDG indicators, and aggregates the results into five dials to provide an overall assessment of child welfare. The countries are assessed using the global targets.  They offer a powerful tool for quantifying the scale of the challenge posed by the SDG targets and identifying areas where the most effort is required to reach targets or improve monitoring. The profiles accompany the report “Progress for Every Child in the SDG Era”.

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Progress for Every Child in the SDG Era Dashboard

Mar 6, 2018

Over half a billion of the world’s children are effectively uncounted – that is, they live in countries that lack sufficient data to assess performance on at least two-thirds of child-related SDG indicators. For an additional half a billion children, the SDGs appear out of reach – that is, they live in countries that are off-track on at least two-thirds of the child SDG targets for which there are trend data. This interactive data dashboard accompanying the report “Progress for Every Child in the SDG Era” offers a comparative view of these national data points and also showcases all child related indicators in multilingual country profiles.

Progress for Every Child in the SDG era

Mar 6, 2018

Two years since world leaders committed to achieving the SDGs, are we on track to achieve the goals for children? Do we even have enough information to know? The report “Progress for Every Child in the SDG Era” assesses the world’s performance to date, focusing on 44 indicators that directly concern 2030’s most important constituency: children.

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Countdown Country Profiles

Dec 12, 2017

This resource features detailed country and equity profiles on women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health for the 81 countries that account for 95% of all maternal deaths and 90% of all child deaths. Each profile presents the latest data on the country’s progress toward improving reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition.

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A Snapshot of Civil Registration in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dec 5, 2017

This brochure presents an overview and key facts on civil registration for births and marriages in sub-Saharan Africa. It also highlights key challenges with registering child deaths and UNICEF’s programmatic work on improving birth registration in the region. This resource includes a brochure and detailed country profiles.

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Immunization Country Profiles

Jul 4, 2017

Immunization is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions to date, saving millions of lives and protecting countless children from illness and disability. These statistical profiles based on WHO/UNICEF joint estimates of national immunization coverage (WUENIC), present summaries of the latest data at the country level.

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Maternal and Newborn Health Disparities Country Profiles

Nov 22, 2016

These statistical profiles present current levels of key impact, service delivery and coverage interventions for mothers and newborns with a wide array of disaggregation including residence, household wealth, mother’s age, mother’s education and sub-regional levels.

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Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting Country Profiles

Aug 17, 2016

These statistical profiles present the latest available data on female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) for 30 countries where FMG/C is concentrated. They provide figures on how widespread the practice of FGM/C is, when and how it is performed, and what women and men think about the practice. Trends in prevalence and attitudes are also presented.

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PMTCT Country Profiles

Mar 1, 2013

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Nutrition Country Profiles

Apr 1, 2010

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