Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Key demographic Indicators
Under 5 Mortality Indicator bubble 38 PER 1,000 LIVE BIRTHS
Under 5 Mortality Indicator bubble 10,725,000

Trends in Under-Five Mortality Rate

Deaths per 1,000 live births
  • Under-five mortality rate

Disparities by Household Wealth

Oral Rehydration:
Children under five with diarrhoea receiving ORS (%)

Secondary education:
Net attendance ratio in secondary education (%)

Birth Registration:
Children under age 5 whose births are registered (%)

Early Childhood

Attendance in early childhood education(%)
Support for learning (any household member) (%)
Support for learning (father) (%)
Learning materials at home – children's books (%)
Learning materials at home – playthings (%)
Children left in inadequate care (%)

Child Protection

Children aged 2 to 14 years who experienced any violent discipline (psychological aggression and/or physical punishment) in the past month (%)
Justification of wife beating (male) (%)


Bolivia (Plurinational State of)