Women's nutrition

Last update: February 2023 | Next update: May 2024

Triple threats of anemia, underweight and overweight afflict women worldwide

Women have the right to food and nutrition throughout their lives – a right that is enshrined in multiple international human right instruments. A woman’s nutritional status is a powerful barometer of her well-being. A well-nourished woman has a strong immune system and nutrient reserves to buffer the effects of infection, while meeting her additional nutrient needs during pregnancy or breastfeeding. A well-nourished woman has the cognitive skills and physical strength to earn a good living and participate actively in family and public life. And a well-nourished woman is more likely to have well-nourished infants and young children who join her on a path to good health and prosperity.[1] However, this is not the reality that many women experience as triple threats of undernutrition (underweight and short stature), micronutrient deficiencies and overweight affect women across the world.


Women’s nutrition data